In Kerala the manufacturing sector registered a growth rate of 12.4 per cent at current prices during 2012-13 compared to the growth rate of 15.4 per cent in the previous year. The contribution of income from manufacturing sector to GSDP at constant and current prices during 2012-13 was 7.7per cent and 7.6 per cent respectively. The per centage contribution of Manufacturing sector to GSDP from 2007-08 to 2013-14 did not show a definite trend. A drastic decline can be observed during 2009-10 and after that there was an increase, which again declined during 2011-12 shown in figure 1.
Contribution of Manufacturing Sector to GSDP at 2004-05 prices
 Fig 1
There was an increase of 17.5% in outlay provided for Industry and Minerals during 2012-13 over the previous year. The total outlay during 2013-14 is 579.36 crore which is 5.8% higher than the outlay in 2012-13. Upto November 2013, only 16.25 per cent of allocation under Village and Small Industry has been spent. Performance on the expenditure front in Other Industries and Minerals has also been low. Expenditure usually does pick up in the last quarter of the financial year.
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Source: Economic Review 2013