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Maintaining a State Information Centre for responding to queries related to government schemes offered directly or via telephone. It has a reference library with a good number of books from the State and the Central government and is availing books for public, students and media persons through reference library; availing dailies and gazettes for public, students and media persons, etc. Co-ordination of training programmes for department personnel; arranging unpaid internship for media students; publication of election guide, district handbooks and media handbooks; assistance to publications of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India; execution of Press and Registration of Books (P.R.B) Act; keeping registers for dailies, periodicals; circulation of publications and periodicals; information centre facility; reference library; circulation of books and other materials for reference to the department staff; filing copies of newspapers and periodicals for future reference; keeping list of department heads and important personalities etc.

Information Centres
In addition to State Information Centre attached to the Research and Reference Section the department maintains information centres in all districts providing high-end facilities for research and reference.



Research and Reference