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1. Advertisement (Print):
Designing of advertisements; space allotment for paid ads; delivery of release order for the same to newspapers; allotment of space for tender/auction, lookout notice; delivery of release order as per rotation chart; issuance of identity cards to marketing executive/messenger, editor, managing editor, executive editor, chief editor of dailies; validation of bill statement; bill sanctioning; preparation of media list categorising newspapers and other publication based on their circulation rate etc.

2. Advertisement (Electronic Media):
Production and release of electronic media advertisements for various government departments like video-audio-web display ads; fixation of advertisement rates and payment of bills; marketing of department produced ads through other agencies; distribution of ID cards to personnel of electronic media marketing division; production and distribution of electronic media advertisements for other departments; technical support for other departments in advertisement production; preparation of media list for electronic media through scrutiny; marketing of pre-commercial time allotted to department; marketing of audio-video productions of department; disbursement of payment bills to concerned departments.




Advertisement and Marketing