The one and only sanctuary of its kind in Kerala, the Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary was constituted in 1983. Situated in Eranakulam district, this bird sanctuary is a feast to the eyes and music to the ears. Several kinds of birds usually found in South India are seen here. The famous ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali, was the architect of this sanctuary. He is reported to have identified 167 birds and his student, Dr. Sugathan, 207. In addition, the Bombay Natural History Society has identified 253 kinds of birds. Spread over an extent of 25.16 sq.kms, Thattekkad attracts nature lovers from far and wide.


          As is common on the Western Ghats, the terrian is undulating and elevation ranges between 35m and 523m. The tallest point is the Njayapilli peak (523m high).


Latitude       : 76° 40' - 76° 45' N
Longitude    : 10° 7' - 11° E
Rainfall         : average 2,500 mm
Lake             : the sancutary is the catchment area of Bhoothanthankett dam.                         Maximum depth 15m.

Forest Type

          Tropical evergreen forests, tropical semi-evergreen forests and tropical deciduous forests. There are patches of grasslands also.


          Tropical evergreen forests harbour Vellapine, Karanjili, Palley, Kunthirikam, Bhadraksham, Kanala, Kurangatti, etc. Tropical semi evergreen forests harbour Angili, Kambacom etc. and trees of commercial value like Teak, Rose wood, Venteak, Venga, Maruthi also grow.


          The elephant is an occasional visitor. Leopard, bear, porcupine, python and cobra are sighted.


          Indian roller, cuckoo, common snipe, crow pheasant, jungle nightjar, kite, grey drongo, Malabar trogon, woodpeckeer, large pied wagtail, baya sparrow, grey jungle fowl, Indian hill myna, robin bird, jungle babbler and darter.

Rare Birds

          Crimson-throated barbet, bee-eater, sunbird, shrike, fairy blue-bird, grey-headed fishing eagle, blackwinged kite, night heron, grey heron, Malabar shama, common grey hornbill and Malabar hornbill.


          The Wildlife Warden, who is in charge of the Idukki Wildlife Division, with headquarters at Vellappara, is responsible for the management of the sanctuary. The day-to-day administration is in the hands of the Assistant Wildlife Warden.


          The sanctuary is 13 kms North-East of Kothamangalam along the Pooyamkutti road. The nearest railway station is Aluva, at a distance of 48 kms. Kochi, the nearest airport, is 71 kms from Thattekkad.


          Lodging facilities are available at the PWD rest house near the dam. Private lodges are available at Kothamangalam.

Contact Address

 1. TheChief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife)
     Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695 014
     Phone : 322217.

2. The Wildlife Warden,
    Idukki Wildlife Division, Vellappara, Painavu P.O.
    Idukki District - 685 603
    Phone : 271.

3. The Assistant Wild life Warden,
    Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary,
    Njayapilli P.O., Kothamanagalam (via), Kerala.