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Printing and circulation of all publications of the department as per prepared mailing list; work-order allotment and management; release of work-order for outsourcing (colour) films for printing in government press; assessment of printing status of publications at all stages; distribution of publications through mail to subscribers included in mailing list; distribution of publications through courier service to district information offices; maintaining a stamp register and mailing list for circulation purpose; redressal system to resolve complaints regarding circulation; circulation of posters, booklets, and other publications through district information offices; maintains records of printing and circulation, publication of posters, booklets and hand-outs etc.; circulation of publications to Chief Minister, other ministers, opposition leader, Niyamasabha Speaker, Members of Legislative Assembly, secretaries etc.; State-wide circulation of all publications of department, circulation of publications to the New Delhi Information Office; identifying market for the publications; transportation of printed materials from the press and timely circulation to the Ministers, Government Secretaries and media persons; and informing the departments and institutions about the details of the publications are the important activities carried out by this section.